Athletic shoes for every sport – how to choose the right one

A good (and logical) rule of thumb would be to first choose your sport and only then your shoe. But are you even aware of all the options you have today? Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to athletic shoes, “more” means a highly specialized shoe that both protects you from injury and influences your performance for the better. If you have extra room for a new pair or need your first, trusted one, read on to see what kinds of shoes are waiting for you in the store.

Running shoes

Probably everybody’s first guess when they think of athletic shoes, there are also different types of running shoes depending…/running-shoes-vs-training-shoeson the surface you train and race on. Shoes designed for running on concrete surfaces offer plenty of cushioning and other shock-absorbing technology while securing and stabilizing your foot.

If you’re into trail races, you need a trail running shoe that can adapt to and perform on many different surfaces (mud, dirt, rocky terrain, etc.) without compromising your safety.

Barefoot running is also an option – for this, you’ll need minimalist shoes or sandals that offer very little cushioning and protection for your foot.

Indoor training shoes

If you like to combine gym time with an outdoor activity like tennis, opt for a cross trainer. They are more flexible than running shoes and more suitable for dynamic movement patterns.

Weightlifting shoes should be your choice if you’re into any kind of more serious weight training. They have a flatter sole, which enables them to offer a lot of support and stability for your feet while you perform heavy lifts. They can also be used for crossfit and other types of training, even running on the treadmill (provided it’s only short distances).

Tennis shoes

In addition to running, there are many outdoor sports for which running shoes are simply not a suitable option.

Tennis shoes are your best bet if you’re playing the sport. Look for a shoe that is flexible and allows side-to-side movement, but also provides enough protection and support to the sides of your feet, both on the inside and on the outside. Like running shoes, tennis shoes are also different depending on what sort of surface you play on.

Basketball sneakers

Basketball sneakers are high-tops designed to stabilize your ankles while running and jumping and have a thick sole.


Cleats are worn for sports played on slippery grass surfaces. The added studs attached to the sole of the shoe provide better traction.

Soccer cleats fit snugly on your foot so you can have greater control of the ball. They are lightweight, comfortable and designed using the most advanced technologies.

Football cleats differ in design depending on what position you play. All are lightweight, designed to ensure you are fast, mobile and can spend the whole game on your feet without getting fatigued.

Baseball cleats are long and narrow in shape, designed to secure the arch of the foot. They may have studs made of different materials.

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