Bermuda – The Triagle or One Amazing Destination for Vacations?

Bermuda, also known as the Bermuda Islands, is a territory of Great Britain that is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies approximately eleven hundred miles northeast of Miami, Florida and eight hundred and forty miles south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bermuda is made up of around one hundred and thirty-eight islands. It covers a total area of twenty square miles and a population of sixty-nine thousand residents.

The area has one of the highest per capita income in the entire world and its economy is based upon two sectors; the financial sector and tourism. Tourism accounts for almost a third of its Gross Domestic Product and attracts over three hundred and sixty thousand tourists a year. The majority of these visitors are from North America.

Bermuda can trace its history back to the sixteenth century when it was discovered by Juan de Bermudez, a Spanish explorer. The islands were used by many Spanish and Portuguese ships who used it as a port to restock water and food supplies. None of these visitors to the islands attempted to colonize it, however. This is mainly due to the belief that the islands were haunted by ghost and demons. The natural sounds of wild hogs and the calls of local birds probably added creedance to this belief. During the seventeenth century, the British claimed it in honor of the crown.

In 1612, the settlement of St. George was founded and became Bermuda’s first capital. St. George is the oldest British town located in the New World to this day. Bermuda suffered early on in its history due to overpopulation. Because of the restrictive amount of land area, the first conservation laws were enacted banning the hunting of certain birds to protect the environment. During the twentieth century, Bermuda began receiving an influx of wealthy visitors from Europe and the United States. This kickstarted tourisms in the region and resulted in the building of many luxury resorts and hotels.

Today, Bermuda is known for its azure oceans and pink beaches. The area is also known for its many attractions. One of the most popular of these attractions is Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the tallest of the two lighthouses located in the area and is constructed out of cast iron. It sits on one of the tallest hills on the island and sits at three hundred and fifty-four feet above sea level. There are one hundred and eighty-five steps that lead to the top and its main light is a Fresnel Lens that was manufactured in 1904 and sits on twelve hundred pounds of mercury. At the bottom of the lighthouse is the Lighthouse Tea Room. Over seventy thousand visitors come to this lighthouse every year.

Crystal Cave is another popular attraction in Bermuda. This cave is in Hamilton Parish and has been a popular attraction among visitors to the island for over a century, since its discovery in 1905. Crystal Cave is a limestone cave that contains a large selection of pools, stalactites and stalagmites. Close to it is Fantasy Cave, which also has become a popular attraction among tourists. St. Peter’s Church is the third most popular attraction in Bermuda. This church is the oldest Anglican church that is located outside of the British Isles. This church was built during the seventeenth century, but has been rebuilt several times throughout its history. The oldest segments of the church today dateback to 1619.